Ophelia's Chapter - The Key to the White Pillar Series
Ophelia's Chapter - Red Tear Games

A story-driven, old-school point&click adventure game. Plunge into a psychological-horror story mixing fairy tales and nightmares.
Coming for PC, Mac and Linux.

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A sudden call in the middle of the night was all it took to put Ophelia's world upside-down. Her best friend, Meredith, whom she hasn't seen during the last 19 years, went now missing under mysterious circumstances.

Ophelia will have to start a journey to try to save her friend, a journey that will make her rediscover the secrets of her own past and delve into the mysteries of her family, an old order known as "The Whisperers", who guard a secret that could change the universe as we know it.

Play as a powerful Witch with psychic abilities and plunge into a dark, surreal world, where magical and gruesome things are about to happen.

Some interesting features: